Celtic Sea Salt Review

Since the company’s founding in 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® has grown into a national and worldwide brand that has been recommended for its unique health benefits by hundreds of physicians and nutritionists and for its unique taste by a great many leading chefs.

Today, Selina Delangre, other members of the Delangre family, and their dedicated employees support several salt-harvesting communities around the world. At each carefully chosen location, Selina Naturally® has developed the best practices to obtain the highest quality natural sea salts the planet can offer. Sensitive to the uniqueness of each location, the company supports sustainable salt-farming methods.

I was sent a package of their products to review. I received the following products:

1. Fossil River Salt Flakes With Balsamic Vinegar
2. Fossil River Gourmet River Salt Flakes Sczechuan
3. Fossil River Liquid Low Sodium Spray Salts - Plain
4. Pink Celtic Sea Salt
5. Samples of their Rosemary Salt, Herbs de Provence, and Light Grey Celtic Salt
5. Electrolyve® Single Packet
6. 2 Packets of Aquon Matrix ® Isotonic
7. 2 Packets of Aquon Matrix ® Hypertonic

Pictures of all the products I received

Fossil River Gourmet River Salt Flakes Sczechuan

Celtic Pink Sea Salt

Herbs de Provence, Light Grey Celtic Salt, and Rosemary Sea Salt

Liquid Sea Salt (Great for Salads !)

My husband used the salt flakes with balsamic and it gave it a nice flavor. You could definitely tell the difference between this and regular salt. The salt coated the pork instead of merely sitting on top of it like traditional table salt. He also used a dash of the rosemary salt. The result was a tenderloin that made a great dinner for two nights. I used the Szechuan salt flakes for a rotisserie slow cooker chicken recipe since it calls for chili and salt. With this salt I had both ingredients mixed and balanced with other herbs. I also used a dash of the herbs de provence for more flavor. The result was a chicken that was flavorful and moist! 

Last night we made a salad and used the liquid salt. The salad was flavorful and evenly seasoned. This would be a great addition to homemade vinaigrette dressing. I will definitely use the light grey Celtic sea salt and pink sea salt for my next recipe. I gifted the electrolyte salts to my brother in law who is a workout fanatic. I am waiting to see his thoughts. 

Overall, I loved all the products I tried. They are reasonably priced and high quality. I am a firm believer in buying good salts and herbs. I feel they make a world of difference in recipes. I hope you enjoyed my article. 



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