Let's Talk About Breasts Baby

I love my breast size it's not too big or small. However, there are women out there that breasts are so big and cumbersome it prevents them from living a full life because of back pain and the weight of their breasts. There are also some who lose weight or lose elasticity over time. These ladies' confidence takes a dive. The other problem with big breasts is not finding cute bras or paying extra depending on how big your cup is. I know there are times when I check the clearance rack and can't find my size. I get so frustrated!

 Bellesoma Method is an innovative breast lift and reduction method.  The Bellesoma method is different because while there isn’t a scarless breast lift, this approach does not require an unsightly vertical scar – scars are hidden around the areola and in the crease of the breast. It uses a woman’s own breast tissue (no implants required) to restore upper pole fullness and create a more youthful appearance and uses an internal suspension technique to lift the breasts (similar to a push-up bra. It also transfers the weight of the breast to the chest muscle, providing immediate relief of back, neck, and shoulder pain. They have offices located in Texas, California, Hawaii and Canada. 

I love that they have a scholarship to help pay for college. It is refreshing to see a company that focuses on your body to care about women's futures too. Because let's face it great breasts sometimes don't cut it. A degree is valuable beyond belief. The Bellesoma Method Scholarship was created so students can have some assistance with their college or university expenses. College is not only a necessity to ensuring that you have a profitable career, but it is also expensive to get the degree you need.

Their scholarship is available to all students who have a goal of going to college but lack the resources to cover the costs. To be considered for this scholarship they will need to write a 500-word essay answering a simple question – there is no right or wrong answer. A member of our staff will select a winner in November 2018. This winner will receive $1000 towards their education. To be eligible to receive the Bellesoma Method Scholarship if you must meet one of the two requirements: a high school senior that has already been accepted into a college or university or a current student that isn’t in their last year at their current college or university.The guidelines to be considered for this scholarship you need to write a 500-word essay answering the following question:“What technological advancements can change the medical profession?”The winner will be selected in November 2018. The winner will be contacted by December 2018 and will have two weeks to respond before another winner is selected.

I know for a long time having big breasts bothered me. I developed them at age nine. By the time I was eleven I was a 34C. I was even accosted when I was eleven because a man thought I was older. When I was single men would throw change into my shirts. Even the most "innocent" shirts looked racy.When I was a paralegal a client of mine remarked "With boobs like yours you can find a job anywhere." I am sure she meant well but it made me uncomfortable. I was scared to breastfeed because I thought my breasts would get saggy. Thankfully my husband encouraged me to breastfeed and it was the best thing I ever did! Let me also say that is just an old wives tale! My breasts are certainly larger but they aren't saggy. I came to love them after a salesperson at Victoria Secret asked me where I had them done.



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