Why I Love Setting Spray

Setting spray (also finishing spray, makeup setting spray, finish spray, or makeup spray) is a cosmetic product designed to preserve applied make-up long periods of time. I recently bought with my Birchbox points a setting spray, After carefully scanning reviews, price and past Birchbox sample experiences. I chose Supergoop!® Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF and I love it! 

I recently went to an outdoor festival called Northside Festival. It was 90 degree weather and usually that means melted and smudged makeup. My husband tells I look great without makeup. Alas, I love it too much and like how it accents my Cleopatra eyes. So I decided to do a "natural" makeup look which in reality takes more work than dramatic night looks. I started with Kat Von D concealer which I love. Of all the concealers I have tried she has the most true to match shades. Not only that she also colors that match darker skin tones as well. 

I also used a color corrector for redness and dark spots. I reccommend Wet n Wild Color Corrector. I followed with Watts Up highlighter by Benefit and Nars Orgasm blush. I blended the highlighter in. I used a nice rose gold shade wet the brush to get more coverage and lined my bottom lids with Rimmel Black Eyeliner. 

I left the event with intact makeup. This why I love setting spray! 
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