How To Get Your Taxes Done For Free

I love to save money in any way I can. I guess as you get older clipping coupons and finding free resources can be exciting! I can't believe people pay hundreds of dollars to get their taxes filed and prepared. I feel that unless you have a complicated tax situation you should take advantage of resources available. 

A secret that most consumers don't know about it is they can have their taxes for free. Instead of having to use HR Block or another tax prep service. If you make under $54,000, you can have your taxes done for free. According to IRS' Free Tax Return section: The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free tax help to people who generally make $54,000 or less, persons with disabilities and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals

I have used this service twice.  The first time I found out about it was when I printed a coupon to have my taxes done for under $40 dollars. On the same website they advertised the Vita Program. I was surprised to find how friendly and knowledgeable the tax prep staff were. They even helped when I told them my taxes were stolen by a roommate. They helped me fill out the required paper work to get a pin issued for future returns to be protected. 

Interested in taking advantage of this service? Find your local Vita Site here: They also a specific program for the elderly in conjunction with AARP. 

Which is great because I feel the elderly population is under served. For that program you can look here:

I sincerely hope this information helped ! I know it has helped me immensely when I was in a bind. 



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