My Walmart Shopping Experience plus Credit Tips

Back in August I applied for the Walmart credit card and was denied. This month, after rebuilding my credit I reapplied and received a card with a $300 limit. I learned by using what I am capable of paying and not abusing credit cards it rebuilds credit. This is the second store charge account I have. I intend for it to stay that way since the APR for these accounts is higher than traditional cards. I have a Fingerhut account with a $500 limit. I have used less than $100 of it and paid it back quickly. Thanks to both these accounts my total credit has rose to $2,200 over all accounts.

I received a sample of BBQ spot seasoning from online and loved it! Lo and behold it was only available at Walmart. I don't have one near me so I chose to buy enough items to receive the free shipping. I also bought a pair of shorts I saw in InStyle. They had lots of sizes but most importantly they had my size. I also ordered a eye shadow and highlighter pallet. I placed my order and within two days most of it had arrived. The shorts arrived a day later. I was surprised how well they fit! I love the eye shadows which are sheer and will take lots of layers to get a high impact effect. I haven't used the highlighter yet but they do look really pretty. 

Overall, my experience was good. I hope it stays that way! How was your experience with Walmart? What do you like to buy from them? 



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