Derma e Gift Surprise and New Branding/Packaging Gift Box Review

As you know I am always blogging about all types of products.  I usually know when to expect the freebies. Recently, I was surprised by an amazing gift box by Derma e.  Derma e is a product line I discovered through Birchbox. I bathe my daughter in their wash, it's the only thing that keeps her eczema in check. My husband uses their shampoo and I currently use their night cream.

Ethical Beauty

Since 1984, our passion for health, wellness and
environmental sustainability has grown strong.
We have high ethical standards and never
compromise on skin health and safety. Our
100% vegan, cruelty-free formulas do not
contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates,
petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten,
soy or GMOs. Now that’s honest-to-goodness
skin care.

I love  receiving free gifts from companies I love especially when they aren't expected. Inside the UPS box was a Derma e box sealed with a purple ribbon. I took photos before opening the box. I opened it, tore the tissue paper and inside I found several full sized Derma e products and other goodies. I was so excited because each of the products were carefully packed and chosen.  I received the following in my gift box: 

1 Branded Box (Which I now use for my sunnies) 
1 Branded Purple Tumbler (My new adult sippy cup!) 
1 Branded Canvas Makeup Bag - I have way too many makeup bags so I gave this one away. I can say I loved the material and how well it was put together. Most promotional bags look like crap but this onve was super nice!  
1 Vita Coco Water- I once tried out for this brand to represent them but they didn't call. Nevertheless, I still love this water! It tastes better than the one that comes out the can. It has none of that metallic taste. 

Beauty Products 

1 Micro Scrub - It smelled amazing but I could only use once or twice before I realized it felt too grainy and hurt my sensitive face.  I prefer  the one from Vasanti it is organic, phalates free and had tiny crystals that gently buff away skin. It's almost like visiting a spa and getting a scrub done there: amazing! 

1 Overnight Peel- Smells like citrus. I have yet to use it since I have another one I am using. 

1 Eye Lift- Great consistency, smells nice but alas I have way too many eye creams. I gave this one away. My mom says it works and she loves it! 

1 Purifying Youth Serum- I have been using steadily everyday. I can honestly say it has the perfect consistency to layer under your favorite moisturizer. I have noticed that my skin looks brighter. Sadly, I have run out and my daughter spilled my Juice one. 

1 Cleanser - I love this product it contains clay which detoxifies but also is gentle on my skin. Did you know you have to chnage up cleansers according to seasons? I had no clue! Usually I switch up from a creamy cleanser in the winter to a lighter one during the summer. Unlike other harsh cleansers that can dry out the skin in winter months this one can be used year round.  

1 Makeup Remover - I didn't use this since I have already. However, It did smell nice and since I am good daughter I gifted it to my mom. 

Overall, I was very happy to receive this box. I highly reccommend this line to anyone that likes beauty products that are natural, smell great and don't cost an arm and a leg. 

I recently bought more of their Psoriasis/Eczema shampoo and conditioner since my husband loves it. I also use the same line's wash on my two year old. I am definitely a huge fan of their products. Since I received this box they have changed their logo once more. I personally liked the older packaging but hey it's their brand right? 




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