The Birth of Beauty and Business aka BizzeBeauty

My blog has seen three different re-branding stages: PunkChanel aka the girl with the rainbow book bag, Little Miss PR (Taken by another fabulous blogger) to its final resting face just like my face: Beauty and Business aka BizzeBeauty. Here on this blog I discuss all things beauty, business, technology, love and everything in between. I am a honest with my product reviews as I am with my life experiences. My new blog which you are reading now is for the mom who loves looking beautiful, loves beauty products/events, loves technology works in a variety of settings and industries; she is in essence a BizzeBeauty. Here I share my journey with you my readers. I love sharing the swag!!! I will be posting some cool samples and gifts for you as well. 

I also wanted to announce that my firm BilquisOcon PR has expanded. We have started developing a new and exciting training program and am looking for people who are personable, open-minded, hard-working, and who are looking to make extra income or perhaps make a career change.

Do you know anyone like that? If so, have them send me their resume, photos via email to express interest. My new business is training individuals to become promotional models and event managers. 

I will help you by:

Reviewing and updating your resume, photo consultation and providing agency referrals and training you on the do's and don'ts of the promotional industry. I can provide all this via in person meeting, Skype and email consultation for a flat monthly fee. The first consultation is free. 

I am also designing a brand new newsletter list. I would appreciate if you joined ! A special gift will be sent to the first 10 to sign upon confirming. Thank you all in advance for your help! 

Head Beauty Boss 
Beltkiss Sanborn 


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