What Not to Wear: Work Edition

Once upon a time, I was a sad paralegal working full time. I left my job at another firm was fired after two weeks and found another job within one week.  I was excited because it was for an employment law firm. At around two weeks of working there, I was called into the conference room and again found myself job less. I was angry, sad and again left without saying a word to anyone. I loved my job and dressing up was part of the territory. I invested into a new grown woman wardrobe. In order to save time I started planning my outfits the day before. Have you ever woken up in the morning with an outfit ready to head to work? Have you ever put the outfit on and thought to yourself is this right for work ? More importantly, is it ok for xyz workplace? 

The night before I decided on a little number I bought on sale at  my favorite discount store. I was ecstatic to wear the Express dress I bought for $3.99. I threw the dress on, checked myself out in the mirror and realized this is way too short for a Law Firm. I went against my better judgement and left for work. 

As I walked to work reaching the all glass building at the World Trade Memorial Museum, I saw my reflection and realized this dress was way too short, too tight and revealing for work. Every few steps I pulled it down and imagined having to do this at work. I bought a skirt to put over the dress. Ironically, I arrived and there was my supervisor wearing a skirt that was way to short for someone her age. A week later I lost my job. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I can now work freelance promotions, build my business be there for my family and have more time to do what I love. 


  1. Very helpful, I work with special needs and will someday be in a place where I'll need proper attire and this gave me confidence, that everything will be okay if I stick to the guideline.


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