Why I no longer will review Sample Boxes

As you know one of my first blog entries were reviews of sample boxes. After a while it gets to be overwhelming. I receive way too many other free items that need to be reviewed. I decided after receiving three sample boxes and other products to review. I would know only take photos of these items and post on my Instagram. I am happy to report it's working much better. Now I can focus on my Influenster and Brandbacker Campaign postings. 

Speaking of which, I found two new products that I am in love with. The Madonna & Co miracle gel and the L'Oreal EverCurl Cleansing Balm

I wrote all about the gel in another post. I also write a shining Amazon review for the balm. The balm itself was an amazing product that I would buy again. I received it in exchange for a fair and honest review. One of the best features of this balm is the one step cleansing. I am a woman that hates washing her hair. This balm allows me to save time by cleansing, detangling and moisturizing my hair.  I never knew how bad sulfate was until my hair looked and felt weighed down. It is especially bad for curly hair stripping it of natural oils that help it maintain its curl. 

A while back I tried to only use conditioner and skip the shampoo.  
 have been using the balm in place of the usual shampoo and conditioner ritual. And let me tell you my hair looks and feels better. It has curl, looks quenched and lasts longer without needing to be washed. I love this product and been recommending it to every curly hair gal I know including my mom, readers and coworkers. I would definitely buy it especially on Amazon since it is prime. 


  1. I too don't use shampoo. Its the beat thing I've ever done for my naturally curly hair. Thank you for review on this product and I will definitely try it!


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