Fired Up

I started a brand new job at a mid-sized law firm. I was super excited about the position. I thought I was doing a great job. Well Monday was the beginning of my third week. I was called into an associate's office thinking I was going to be given an accolade for a recent blog posting idea I found.  I went into the meeting, happy as a clam. They sat me down and told me I was being let go because I lacked the experience they desired. I was shocked and disappointed. After all, I had left another job thinking I had a job for a few years and that it become a career. I listened carefully as they said things like "We will give you a good reference, you have great work ethic." At the point, I became angry and when they finished I got up , grabbed all my stuff and left. 

How can a company say we will give you a good reference when you barely even knew me? Two weeks isn't enough to know me as a worker. I have great work ethic? Great so why are you letting me go? The worst feeling in the world is to be fired at the beginning of the week when you were counting on that second check to pay your rent.  What's worst is being hired thinking you fit the bill and then be fired because you don't. In my ten years as a paralegal I have never been fired from a job. I cannot say I will never work for another attorney but I rather look for work elsewhere. 

I had a funny thought last night, being fired during training is comical in its own way. One of my friends from High School was fired during her training at Crown Fried Chicken. We all thought it was funny because how do you get fired before being officially hired? After reading on the subject technically I wasn't fired, I was let go. I am talented a jack of all trades by next week, I will have a new job. 


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