Get Geeked

I am excited to be able to provide this review of one of the best tech startups conferences. Get Geeked NY was held at the Brooklyn Expo Center, a beautiful space that was spacious and had a great city view. I was happy that the event was held at a different location that was not Metropolitan Pavilion or the other usual event spaces. 

I was lucky enough to snag a press pass for the press preview. The number one perk was of course entering before the general public, free food and drinks. The press hour was from 5:30-7pm. Doors opened to the general public at 7:00 PM and the event continued until 10:00 p.m. 

Some of the notable sponsors included HP, Lenovo, RCA, LG, SanDisk and JVC. I was also excited to see Tech in Motion and Podo. I also discovered some new brands and startups. The most interesting were Grain Audio, MyCharge and Tribute. HP provided the open bar for bloggers and press. Of course, I stopped by and thanked them. 

And of course Yelp was there with lots of free swag. Apparently, they no longer hire outside Brand Ambassadors and now staff their events with interns instead. I showed one of the staff a pic of me at Makers Faire.

Below is a pic of my favorite gift: 

I love this portable charger. It is light enough to carry around in your purse or book bag. It also doesn't get hot when it's charging your devices. I use it with the multiple USB charger Google gave me. I can charge my friend's android, my iPhone and everything else under the sun. I am like the coolest person in the room because I can charge everyone's phones. As a blogger it's great as well because my phone never runs of juice.  

The leader in portable power MyCharge was there. Thankfully, I checked my email  I received two awesome gifts: an All Terrain Portable Charger and a cute blue one I gave to my mom. 


5:30pm - JBL Holiday Lineup Preview

5:55pm - Bevy Launch Announcement

6:20pm - Electric Jukebox North America Launch - global unveil was hours ago in the U.K: USA Today.

6:45pm - VidMob Preview

7:10pm - Lima Official Product Release Announcement

7:55pm - Sprout by HP Interview

8:20pm - Karma Interview

8:45pm - Crowdfunding panel with Crowd Supply and Purism

9:20pm - Demo Dash featuring Leeo, PowerUp Toys, bassAware, and BeON Hom

Overall, it was an awesome event. I look forward to going again next year.


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