Chomp Chomp We Are in Love

Brandbacker sent me Chomps sticks for my honest and unbiased review. Below is my husband's review. Unfortunately the photos I took were accidentally deleted. We were excited to see this product and tried it right away! I was pleased by the size of the snack. These are not puny beef sticks these are nicely sized! 

We are a family that eats relatively healthy, (organic, non-gmo, grass fed beef etc) as often as possible these beef sticks were out of this world. First and foremost, the taste was everything and more you would expect from a beef jerky and/or beef stick type of product. The freshness was evident and we loved that we could see real seasonings such as the Jalepeno bits and cranberry bits. Secondly, the actual ingredients list was amazing and super natural. 

All three flavors we tried were outrageously good. The Crankin Cran was tasty but just a a tad bit hot for my husband (not into spicy stuff to much), but I loved it. On the other hand, he absolutely loved the Hopping JalapeƱo (wasn't sure if he would would till he tried it) and original flavors. The price point is pretty much what you would expect for all 100% grass fed beef with no nitrates, nitrites or synthetics. The celery juice is great and works so well for a preservative some times I really wonder why its not used by more companies so kudos for that.

 The only criticism my husband had was "I wasn't the biggest fan of was actually opening the package of each beef stick. We got one open by hand just peeling it open but the remaining five wouldn't open without scissors." Would be hard for someone to open these if driving or taking them on a nature hike  (Unless they had a knife with them), etc. Just something to consider. Otherwise though we love these and absolutely recommend them to anyone that is a fan of beef jerky and know about the supposed healthy snack they are. CHOMPS is the actual healthy beef jerky, not the fake stuff you see in other similar beef snack products. We would definitely recommend this to a athlete, person watching their weight, outdoorsy types and people on the go. 

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