Bye Bye Makeup

I love wearing makeup on a daily basis. You can find me doing my makeup between train stops or on the bus. But I hate taking it off at the end of a long day. And yes, I am one those women who falls asleep with her makeup on to the horror of most makeup artist friends. I fall fast asleep with a full face of mascara , eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer and bronzer yet I still have amazing skin. 

 I always wanted to purchase a makeup remover cloths. Because I had seen on several beauty blogs that they work. I purchased these during Black Friday. I loved the colors and the fact they were a three pack for an awesome price. 

I received them and tried them out. It says to use a little warm water or a little cleanser. I like to use coconut oil and moisten this cloth. I am able to take off all including my stubborn mascara and eyeliner. I am pleased to say they actually work. I gifted the two remaining cloths to my mother and sister who really like them too. 

The verdict is simple, they work and are better for the environment than buying disposable makeup cloths. Not to mention they are great for women who wear contacts. They are available on Amazon: Purchase here

Peace love and awesome skin, 



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