Solvaderm Juvabrite Review

Brandbacker sent me another opportunity to review some skin products. The company is called Solvaderm. Who is Solvaderm? Please see below for a description. 

After years of working alongside top international medical experts, Solvaderm Skincare has become a central player in the delivery of breakthrough products.
A forerunner of active phyto-stem cell products, Solvaderm unites the best of botanical active ingredients with the highest standards of science to create ground-breaking products that reflect the values of the brand: innovation, performance, and safety.
At the core of the Solvaderm's Skincare approach, our research and development team continues to remain at the forefront of scientific knowledge in microbiology and dermatology. It collaborates with leading researchers and physicians in each stage of a product's development. The end result, innovative skin care treatments designed to minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and are primarily available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, exclusive skin care professionals.
Our position as a leader in skin health is based upon a belief that regardless of your age or skin type, nearly all dermal imperfections can be solved with a Solvaderm product.

Check out their website:

Juvabrite Skin Brightening Complex is an extraordinary, transformative treatment option for those looking to lighten dark spots without using harsh ingredients. Formulated with the most effective lightening ingredients combined in a proprietary blend, this product fades discoloration, blemishes and dark spots caused by sun exposure, acne, pregnancy or oral contraceptives. Light enough to wear under makeup or alone. Your skin will look clearer, more even and ready to face a new day.

After cleansing, apply a thin layer to entire face or affected area morning and night for overall skin brightening. To balance uneven pigmentation, use only on areas with noticeable discoloration. For daytime use, always follow with a generous application of SPF 30+ sunscreen. Must be consistently used every day and night. Juvabrite's effects can be seen in as little as two weeks and increasingly dramatic results in up to 12 weeks.

Similar to the Eyevage, this product comes in sleek packaging. I used this product for two weeks to help brighten up my skin. I am pleased to say it definitely did help. My skin looks bright and even. My dark spots from pregnancy have significantly improved. My mother commented yesterday over Facetime my skin looked dewy.  I love these products because they seriously work and for the price point you seriously get what you pay for. 

Juvabrite is available here:

Please note, I received this product complimentary in exchange for a honest review. 


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