Measurable Difference Update

I opened my mailbox and there it was my new eyeshadow palette! I received Measurable Difference® Ocean Blue Eyeshadow and of course tried it out the next day. I threw it in my bag for Google Agency Day. 

I barely had any sleep the night before because of my lovely baby Lily. Of course I forgot to do my makeup on the path.  I took a bathroom break and got to work. I matched the color to the Polo Shirt I was wearing. I first used their eyeshadow applier but of course I did not like it. I used my eyeshadow brush and applied one layer. Then I decided let's see if I can apply it wet. So I wet the brush and blended into a perfect consistency. 

I was happy to have beautiful eyes that looked vibrant. The staying power was amazing as well. I am happy with the product and would definitely buy it again. 


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