Kidophilus Liquid Review

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Miss Lily had been having some digestive issues. Luckily, I saw a new brand on Tomoson that was offering to send samples in exchange for a honest review. 

I received the sample two days later courtesy of  my Amazon prime. I looked at the ingredients and they looked all natural and the best part was there was no coloring. I tasted the product and though it wasn't the best on its own, I could see this in juice or strawberry milk for picky children. 

How probiotics work to regulate digestion: 

Probiotics are “friendly bacteria” with important health benefits. Zahler Kidophilus includes Acidophilus (Lactobacillus Acidophilus) an important probiotic which helps colonize the intestines with friendly bacteria, improving immune system function. Kidophilus may also reduce bad breath and flatulence, support healthy digestion, help relieve temporary constipation, and support healthy intestinal flora.*

I read that it was for children over 4 years old. However I decided that after careful research I gave it to Lily. I mixed into her formula. My husband and I noticed a difference in her digestive health she is less fussy and goes to the bathroom more often. I to also noticed that the yeast under her armpits was improving. 

Overall, I would recommend this product any mommy looking to help her children with digestion and improve yeast conditions. I would buy this again after the free sample is gone. 

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