Lyft Ride Review

The days of having to hail a yellow cab are long gone. No more smelly cab drivers with attitudes and bad manners. Now New Yorkers and New Jersey residents alike can take a comfy and affordable ride in luxury. As a Uber user I was curious to see how Lyft would compare to Uber. The app is easy to use but Uber gives you a ride estimate, Lyft does not. 

My husband discovered I had some credits.  Apparently, I had three free credits sitting in my account valid for three rides worth up to $15.00 in the NYC coverage area only. I decided that I would use one to get crosstown to the Javitz Center for Book Con. I opened my app and requested a Lyft. I waited a bit but was delighted that I received a minute by minute update of where my driver was. He arrived in an amazing Black Lincoln Towncar. The driver was polite and took the best possible route to get there. 

Overall my Lyft experience was great. I am using my remaining two credits this Thursday when I attend the Small Business Expo. 

Please check out Lyft here:  The app is available for Android in the Google Play store and for iPhone in the app store. Download the app and enter BETTY074499 for your first free ride.


  1. interesting! I may give it a try next time I'm up there!

    -Kelsey B

  2. This is neat! We don't have this where I live

  3. I hope we get this in Vegas!

  4. I use Lyft to get around in San Francisco all the time! I absolutely love it. So convenient.


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