Sunsella Silicone Baking Cups Review

I used to think that I would never be able to bake anything. As a former NYC party girl baking was in my vocabulary. If I craved a cupcake I would hit up Butterlane to indulge. But when you taste something you bake you wonder why buy when you can make it yourself for the fraction of the cost? Plus, you know what's going in your baked goods. Ever since I successfully made cupcakes I have become an avid baker.

My husband signed up for a trial subscription to baked and
delicious. I received this silicone baking cups. However, Sunsella sent me a set of 12 to review. I saw a recipe for Iced Vanilla cupcakes. I made them one night while my mother and sister were over. I tried to find it to link it here but it's only available in their magazine. However, if you want to try here is a comparable recipe

I noticed an immediate difference between the generic cups and the Sunsella brand. The Sunsella Cups are better because they feel much sturdier and are BPA/Phalate free. I love that I can bake and not risk having any chemicals or contaminants leech into the finished product.  My husband and I try to purchase all products that  we use for food and water be BPA Free. 

The cupcakes came out light and airy. I also used coconut oil to prepare the butter cream icing. It tasted amazing and was much healthier. The cups are also great for making muffins. A week ago I made Jam filled muffins and they came out as delicious as the cupcakes. I was happy that they were easy to clean. I am very happy with the baking cups and plan to use them for every baking project that calls for baking cups.

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Front of Package 

Back of package 

Left - Cups from I received from my Baked and Delicious subscription 
Right - Sunsella Cups

The beautiful colorful set 

Uncooked cupcakes 

Look how easy they peeled off 


They all came out clean 

Walla Coconut Vanilla Butter Cream iced Vanilla Cupcakes 

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