Who is PunkChanel

Where did the name for my twitter handle PunkChanel come from? Punk refers to all things I loved as a rebellious college student punk rock, black eyeliner, dive bars, Billy Idol,  Joan Jett and all things from the Eighties the height of the punk era. I worn my leather jacket listened to NoFx and had bright pink hair.

Chanel refers to my love for the French designer. Her style is iconic, crisp and surprisingly still very contemporary. My dream is to own a couture Chanel suit and the iconic medium black flap bag. It also represents my love for the fragrances and rich lipsticks.

I have since evolved into something more sophisticated. I am now a new mommy with a great job on Wall Street. My desire to build my publicity company and firm is stronger than ever. I am a born again Christian so Punk Rock is no longer part of my life. I have given up on secular music. However, that little punk will always live in my heart.


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