Why I love Birchbox

I have been subscribing to Birchbox since June 2014. As a busy paralegal new mommy and publicist. I love trying new products and shopping online. Birchbox allows me to do them both. I had purchased Birchbox in the past but because of money woes I had to discontinue my subscription. I am happy to be back.

Each month Birchbox sends out a beautifully packed box with deluxe samples for $10 monthly with free shipping. Sometimes they send a full sized product which is always a great surprise. And unlike other subscription boxes you can chose one of the samples in your box. They send you an email to reveal the sample choice and then a week later or so you receive your sample choice selection email.

The other cool thing is you may skip the sample choice and pick a curated box. The curated box is a customized box by a guest or editor who is influential in fashion makeup and other related industries.

February Editor Box

My December box was called the Party Ready Box that was curated by Lo Bosworth. I was delighted by her choices. I specifically liked the Ruffian Nail Polish.

Love the name 

The other feature that sets Birchbox apart from other monthly boxes is their points system. For each dollar in their Birchbox shop you spend you receive a point. After 100 points you have ten dollars to spend. If you are a makeup junkie those points will add up quickly.Also, you can review your samples and receive points that way too. I racked up hundred points and was able to purchase an amazing Coastal Scents Brush set.

This was the amazing brush set I got. 

Birchbox also sends periodic offers to earn bonus points with certain purchases allowing you to rack points up even quicker. As a Birchblogger I receive several special offers to create content and earn points that way. Not to mention I also have the chance to receive free products to review.

I subscribe to Ipsy which I also love. I recently signed up with Allure Sample Society and I just received my first box (stay tuned for that review).

However, Birchbox remains one of my all time favorites amongst subscription boxes.  I plan to stick with them for a very long time. Stay tuned for my blog post on my sample choices that became actual
purchases that I love love

Here some other of my favorite Birchbox boxes

July Box 

This box included a subscription to Women's Health Magazine

This is the November box that included a full sized Laura Mercer Primer valued at $33.00

 Interested in subscribing? Check it out here https://www.birchbox.com/invite/7n1zf


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