Designer Lookbook Tips

Look Book Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Cover: Brand logo with same brand color scheme and if possible clever way to open/close look book ie: Flap or accented closure

Overall design


  • Use color scheme related to your brand: develop consistency and recognition using the same colors throughout logo, site, stationery etc.
  • Include customer reviews and testimonials
  • Include industry and expert reviews- Bloggers, stylists, magazine contributor include excerpts in “Look what people are saying” section
  • Use a variety of models with the market you want to target
  • Press Release must be done beforehand. To avoid clutter mail with book and do not place in book. When you mail them out make sure you find the correct contact at that media outlet you do not want your book getting lost or even worst thrown out. 
  • Include sizing chart for both men and women. Also, include any foreign sizing conversions if your clothes will be going to London, Paris or another country. 
  • If possible include a piece of the finished product or a small branded gift like a pen, candy, etc. 


  • Do not include prices in sample photos captions, it looks cheap. Write price available upon request . 
  • Make sure the samples look ready to wear, any sloppy or rough designs will out off potential buyers.
  • Use white covers they wrinkle and get soiled easily.
  • Do not use the same model variety is better. I feel that matching a model with a look that is more their style is better. 
Most importantly have fun with your look book it should reflect how you are as a designer and your brand as a whole.



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