New York Fashion Week

The electrify magazine launch party was beautiful. It was also overcrowded and difficult to obtain a drink. A trend I have been noticing with a lot of party organizers is the lack of a list or following one.  I feel that overcrowding though great for photos is horrible when you're trying to mingle and discover the events offerings.

 For example, if electrify had followed or checked in their guests they would have been more room. I arrived to the event half hour into the festivities. I was not greeted by anyone and the door person was no where to be found.

I looked for the bar to my dismay it was a small table in the front with a huge line. At previous parties I noted that organizers had more than one bar set up usually one in the front and another in the back. I attended a  few events that featured mixed drinks passed out by waiters and waitresses. Sadly neither one of these elements was present. The line trailed from the front of the event to the back.

I also thought there would be gift bags or other free items. After all it was New York fashion week! The only freebie I noted was issues of the new magazine. They were haphazardly placed throughout the party.  I thought this was also a waste considering several ended up wet, stained and on the floor. A better approach would have been to have a model pass them out or incorporate into gift bags. 

I decided to bid farewell to electrify and moved on to the bow and drape launch party. A party that included only the fashion elite and a reyka/champagne open bar. I had a great time in the gorgeous space mingling with new friends. I was also pleasantly surprised that they handed out gift bags with gift cards, cute stickers and a nail polish.

 I happily took the items and when I arrived home I purchased a new customized sweater. Overall the bow and drape was the clear winner. I can't wait to see what swsx and social media week parties hold. Unfortunately I didn't take photos but the next few parties I will. 

BilquisOcon PR 

Check out the box of chocolates I got :) 


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