My first client

I met Puneet Persaud at a Nike promotion. I was set to attend a casting call and decided to invite him along. I did not plan on taking Mr Persaud as a client rather the duty was sumptuously appointed to me.

It was a long day of drinking and we were in a cab on our way to his place to smoke some hookah. Before I could react he proceeded to pee out the window covering his shame with his top hat. We continued on to his place and before I knew it the taxi was pulled over. A light shone on us and I realized it was the cops. I instantly shuddered knowing my ACD was pending and I could not have my ID ran through the system.

The officer asked for my Id and I complied. He asked whether I realized that Mr Persaud had peed out the window. I denied it saying I had seen nothing. I explained to the cop that I was his publicist and we had attended a few castings that day ; of which he was not selected for any of them. I said we had gone out for a few drinks to ease the blow. The cop ran his ID he owed a few tickets but nothing major so he write him a citation. He let us go quoting "If it wasn't for you today miss I would have arrested him for indecent exposure but your calmness made me do otherwise." We arrived to his place and from that day forward I was his publicist.


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