Falafel you later

I met ziad shortly after being dumped by Roman. Ziad was tall, strong with pronounced Arabic features. He did not smoke pot but gladly indulged me. We had a short dinner then drove to his friends house. I rolled a joint and shared it with his friend.

We left his house. He drove me back
to Yonkers. He did something incredible and dangerous. As he drove he cut up up coke right on his dashboard. He took bumps as he drove. I watched him horror. I never called him after that.

A year later I was reading the New York post when I saw a caption that read "Guy stabs other over place in falafel truck . I looked closely at the picture and read the suspects name "ziad.." I was stunned to realize it was the guy I went out with. If was frightened imagine how crazy this guy got over a place jn the line imagine if I angered him.

Since then I don't shy away from meeting men that way. I met my current love through Facebook.

Miss PR


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