I'll take the Challah over the sazon

I decided a long time ago that I would never date a Latino again. After my horrific relationship with Vladimir I swore off Latinos. For a while, I dated my Russian Jewish boyfriend and was very happy. We broke up after dating for almost four years but continued to talk. A year later we would get back together in a pseudo relationship. I began to grow tired of sharing him with other women and became extremely depressed. One weekend he said he couldn’t hangout because he wanted to stay home. I would later find out he was actually out with some promoter chick and he even sent me a picture of her. I was no saint either since I was flirting with a guy friend I found attractive. I am a good person so I will refer to him as Juan. I met Juan at a campaign for a smartphone that will remain nameless. I found his eyes to be gorgeous and compared them to Miami Sea. I started to date him as soon as I resolved to never speak with Roman ever again. After that picture antic I felt disgusted and hurt. I needed to rid myself of him and develop a new relationship. I was tired of spending holidays alone and they weren’t even the Jewish ones. I remember one New Years spending the night drinking a whole bottle of Cuervo alone shot for shot with no chaser. I woke up the next day feeling like a train hit me. I become more detached with promotions and life. When I met Juan he too was going through a heart break. I lent him my shoulder and ear. I fell for him little by little. So when we went to his birthday dinner and I stayed over he proclaimed his love to me. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. Our relationship was beautiful. I finally met a man that loved me more than I loved him. I was in bliss until I realized he was a complete nut. He would call me everyday and for a while I indulged his calls because I found it sweet. He would text me first thing in the morning to say hello and I looked forward to it. The problem came when I would not answer the calls or texts he would keep calling and send one message after the other. The other problems was he mentioned his exes especially the most recent one. I felt like I was in a relationship with him and his exes. I would look at his facebook and there will still pictures of at least three of his exes. His most recent ex was a crazy obsessed Dominican. Unfortunately for me, I could not avoid her since we worked in the same industry. I ran into her at an event in New Jersey and she kicked a half-full cup of beer at my feet almost spilling it on my new sneakers. We began to fight two months after we started dating. We were unable to go out without it ending in a fight. Juan liked to ask a lot of questions, demanded compliments, got angry when I didn’t reply to his texts, bad-mouthed my ex and reminded me of my indiscretion from before. I don’t understand men they come back but will remind you of the fact you broke up in the first place. One of our fights was so bad that I tried to walk away he tried to grab me in a drunken state and ended up dropping me on my face. I stood and felt a hot sensation on my temple. I took my mirror out and saw a gash, I cried my eyes out screaming “My face oh my god!” I could imagine my parents asking what happened. My dad would keep asking until I relented and confess what happened. I stayed that night with him because it was so late. I would rather go home with him in Chelsea than go all the way back to Yonkers. We slept for a bit and got up at 3:00 P.M. I realized while I showered I was no longer interested in him sexually. He tried to touch me while I dressed and I felt nothing. In the past, his touch would have melted me. Now, all I wanted to do was leave. I had a headache most likely from being dropped on my head. I looked in the mirror and tried to ignore the feelings of not wanting to be with him anymore. His mom put makeup on my wound trying to conceal it. I put on a brave face and went out to dinner with him. We had dinner and a long conversation that revealed a lot of skeletons about his failed marriage. In the past, I would have offered to take him out to drinks or suggest we continue to hangout. However, tonight I just wanted to head home and pack my bags for my trip to Boston. I left to Boston and he made a last effort at making it up to me for his craziness of the night before by meeting me up before I got on the bus. I found this gesture to be annoying. I just wanted to board the bus and start my mini vacation. I found myself on the phone annoyed that I had to give him directions considering he owned an iPhone. The bus started to board and I saw him walking through the crowd. I watched him in his tethered clothes and realized I was not escaping New York I was escaping him. I said goodbye to him and faked wanting him to come with me. I arrived in Boston at 12:15 A.M., and messaged my friend Clyde to see what he was doing. I had gotten my phone stolen so I sent him a message through facebook. He called me and suggested we have a few drinks. He arrived half an hour later and I gave him a big hug. He shuttled me down to the part of Boston where he previously went to school. We sat down and began to talk about our lives. I told him about my new relationship and how I wanted to make it work. He looked me in the eyes and said “If you have to make it work than something is wrong.” And there it was confirmation that I didn’t want to be in this relationship anymore. He was right after that I dreaded Juan’s calls and texts. I had breakfast with Clyde he took me to Sugar if you’re in Roslindale I highly recommend it. We left breakfast and headed to the liquor store. I bought my gin for my beach trip and he bought liquor for his brother’s birthday. He dropped me off at the train station to head to Revere Beach. I had a great time at Revere Beach drinking lemonade and gins. I loved the water, the people and being away from New York. I called my friend Prima and she came to pick me up from the train station. We headed to her place and got ready for a house party. We arrived at the party and chilled for a bit. We left to get Chinese food. We arrived home ate and went to bed. I was sleeping when I heard my phone ring at 4:45 A.M. It was Juan and I was not happy that he woke the entire apartment. The other times he called at that hour I would be happy this time I was annoyed. I answered the phone and of course he was drunk. I told him it was late and all he did was try to make me feel bad. I told him I would call tomorrow and hung up. He continued to text so I turned the phone off. The next day he chewed me out for turning my phone off. Prima dropped me off to the train station to head to downtown to meet my other friend. My friend bailed on me so I had lunch alone. I arrived back to New York and he called. I did not want to speak to him but did so anyway. I made excuses of why I could not speak and hung up. The next day he texted me and I told him we needed to speak. He began again with another barrage of endless texts so I finally had it. I texted him “It’s over between us now leave me alone.” I was relieved to be free of his bullshit. I went out to celebrate and he continued to send me texts. The first few were ok but as I stopped responding he became more insulting. I decided to block him out of my life beginning with my gchat, gmail and facebook. I have not heard from him since and could not be happier. I resolved to never date another Latino ever again. I realized that I am too American for most Latinos. I won’t allow myself to dating someone who wants to control my every move and insult me when I don’t want to be subservient. I am going back to dating White and Jewish guys. I am currently dating a Jewish lawyer who’s cool, intelligent and established. I definitely prefer the challah over the sazon any day. Little Miss PR UPDATE: I have my match


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