Media bistro

It began with snagging my hose on my boot. I should have known this was a premonition for my expectations for PRnewser with mediabistro party at the empire room. I arrived the place was scantily clad with people. I saw one person check in and they were handed a drink ticket. My heart sank at the thought of one drink for 2 hrs. I brushed that feeling aside.

As I checked in I realized it was one drink ticket per person. I always say to myself this is what you will do different: secure a liquor sponsor for at least an hour. If you provide drinks for a hour that ensures people will stay past that one drink. I watched as drink tickets weren't honored. The appetizers specified in the invite were veggies and dip and a cheese platter. Carleen and I expected passed appetizers the horror!

I don't know why everyone chooses the empire room. I saw the name and for some reason confused it with another place. I arrived and realized it's the same place Urban Girl Squad held their casino party. The bad feelings of being surrounded by noisy women came back to me. The lesson learned tonight is say no to media mixers.

I went to school and then home. Let's hope some better events come along.



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