Lookbook Tips for Indie Designers

Look Book Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Cover: Brand logo w/ brand color scheme and if possible clever way to open/close look book ie: Flap or accented closure

Overall design


  • Use color scheme related to your brand: develop consistency and recognition using the same colors throughout logo, site, stationery etc.
  • Include customer reviews and testimonials
  • Include industry and expert reviews- Bloggers, stylists, magazine contributor include excerpts in “Look what people are saying” section
  • Use a variety of models with the market you want to target
  • Press Release must be done beforehand (not in book but separate mailing)
  • Include sizing chart for both men and women


  • Exclude prices from sample photos captions it looks cheap
  • Make sure the samples look ready to wear, any sloppy or rough designs will out off potential buyers
  • Use white covers they wrinkle and get soiled easily
  • Do not use the same model variety is better 
Most importantly have fun with your look book it should reflect how you are as a designer and your brand as a whole. Stay tuned for my other blogs.

RBG DBA Bilquis Ocon, PR, INC.


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