Differientation and Apple

According to Kotler, differentiation is the act of designing meaningful differences to distinguish the company’s offering from competitor’s offerings. Apple adopts service differentiation, personnel differentiation and imagedifferentiation. Apple’s differentiation strategy involves using it resources:monetary, flagship stores and staff to distinguish itself from competitors. In NYC, besides Samsung no one else has flagship stores like Apple. Apple has usedits monetary resources to create and design stores that have ambiance and image differentiation. They are esthetically pleasing in palate colors of the brand. The stores possess pleasant atmospheric qualities such as cutting edge architecture, unique Apple logo, displays, user-friendly layout, a perfect temperature winter or summer,large assortment of products, special educational discounts and special events geared to Apple users.
Another aspect that makes Apple successful and unique from its competitors is its staff. Apple staff is well trained, versed and extremely polite. Apple hires only the best staff to ensure personnel that actively interact with customers. When you walk into an Apple store you are warmly greeted by a staff member dressed in a pastel Apple logo shirt who asks what issues you need help with, answer any questions you may have and discuss the different special events that are going on for that day (customer training). In the sense of services differentiation Apple offers customer consulting in the Genius Bar. To Apple buying a computer is only the beginning they make their customers feel like they are all part of one big Apple family.



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