I just fell into Marketing

Many people ask how did I end from psychology to PR? It started in college when I worked my first gig as a promotional model. I was hooked to the fun nature of the work. I got paid to promote products I liked and being a natural people person approaching people came natural. I always wondered what it would be like to work for the marketing agency. What went on behind the scenes. I often provided alternate sampling areas since the neighborhoods picked either lacked our demographic, was dead or we were kicked out from. I loved that each day something was different and I got to meet lots of people. The best part was finally turning 21 since I was finally able to promote spirits.

I started working as a paralegal in my third year of college and for a while thought Law was for me. I worked in three different law firms. It was hard because it provided no way of moving up unless I became a lawyer. I encountered difficulties working with jealous older women. They thought I was new to the game but quickly realized that I had more experience than them. I took the LSAT and applied for law school but woke up one morning and realized it was not creative enough for me. I attended a fashion show and finally I found my niche. I started attending events ,rating sponsorships and writing my blog.

I came to the conclusion that marketing specifically PR was my calling. I love promoting people, services and I love matching them with potential sponsors and partners. I am currently working towards a MBA in Media Management and also looking for pertinent work. I complete my degree in December. I hope to use my degree and experience to open my own PR company. The difference between the competition and I is field experience. I'm not some snot faced recent graduate in fact I'm a seasoned pro.

So there you have it: how I fell into marketing.  Want to see what I look like in promotional action? See below :)



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