The Truth About

The dating site match claims that one out of 5 relationships begin on a online dating service. I can't help but wonder where they got that statistic. Because obviously they were not referring to themselves. I had recently reactivated my match profile but after a failed date and two other weirdos I decided it was not for me. I did not have the time to wink, reply to emails or text. I was more of a let's set a date for the date. I was a fan of meeting before buying.

One guy from Long Island proudly proclaimed that if I ever dated an African American I was no longer "pure" whatever that meant. I have not been pure in a few years anyway. I quickly cut ties with him. I refuse to date racists, bigots or homophones.

The next specimen Todd (not his real name) was funny, cute and established but he did not make me want to swoon or look forward to seeing him again. He corrected me way too many times and talked in a Rosie Perez accent when he imitated me. Did I mention he worked for Coach but I still didn't feel sparks. Our last date he was an hour late. It ended with me telling him he needed to smoke a joint and relax a little.

I forgot how much virtual dating sucked. Maybe relationships can begin online but surely is not a reliable source of men. I'm sticking to the guy I met seven years on craigslist, at least I know he's a cute weirdo. I am currently working on getting my membership reimbursed thanks but no thanks.



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