Like Cindy in page six would say only in NY

The following are top times of my only in New York kids only in NY moments:

1. A homeless guy gave me fifty dollars on a n train heading to Brooklyn. A month later I saw him at the d line.

2. I dated a guy that I would later see in the New York Post full page story that read "Man stabs guy at schwarma truck over line spot." Wow saved myself.

3. I met Jessica Tzar in a very bizarre place. I had no clue who she was till I got home and looked her up. I realized omg she shot for vogue love ^_^

4. When a coworker of a mine asked a man dressed in multi colored plastics was that a costume? the homeless guy replied in a serious tone they are my clothes. Lol :)

5. I watched as the downtown train pulled in and a girls iPhone fell in the space between the platform and the track. oh no!???!!

6. That time I watched a cabbie scream at a cop for not allowing him to make that turn. I could not help by gawk. I shouted during the promotion welcome to new York people.

7. The time a business dude tried to hold the door open with his hand, he instead got his coffee cup crunched then spilled. Sadly, he stilled missed the train. ouch :( I too weeks later would spill an entire latte and still managed to miss the train.

8. Every time those crazy kids get on the A Train or D train and start break dancing you wonder will one of them crack their heads open?

9. When you realize that the grafitti is actually beautiful. And then you see chipotle in chelsea have their own mural done.

10. I was in Washington Square park with mr cl when we saw helicopters and cops. We thought maybe someone got caught hustling next day read the newspaper and find out he was the village shooter.

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