Holiday and AOA opening

I arrived at the RS Pop Shop excited to taste their Alize cocktails. There were peppermint kisses cocktails which I suspect was actually red and pagne. I did not know that RS stood for Roger Smith the same venue hosting the tweet drive party.

I loved the space and spoke to a rep from lionesque media about Tuck. I really wanted to stay longer but was rudely kicked out by a woman in a green dress. She said "Not to be rude but could you eat your mcdonalds at the lounge next door?" I was angry because I came to drink some alize and mingle. If I wanted to go to the lounge next door I would have instead of wasting my time at this party. I told her "I am leaving anyway" and did so. I headed to Aoa.

The opening started at 8:30, twenty minutes or so later I was still standing on line. Every opening is the same they overbook the venue and make people stand outside. But this was beyond ridiculous !!!??!

At 9:25 pm they announced the venue was full. I was able to convince the bouncer to let me in. Let me tell you I was not impressed, it looked like a run of the mill sports bar. Ok magazine was supposed to be part of this occasion but no free mags or signage could be seen. The open bar ended at 9:15 which was ridiculous considering the time it took to get in. Unlike STK, I will not be returning to Aoa.

A lesson to PR companies never ever promote your opening via eventbrite unless you want disaster. Please tune in for my pretty city gift of beauty review and Greenpoint Tattoo Co. with Sailor Jerry's.



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