Belvedere with a whiskey chaser

I began my night at the blind barber presented by the refinery 29. I watched as people were denied entry into the event. The event was set to begin by 6pm but by almost 7pm they were not setup. I was at the beginning of the line when I was asked my name and the girl said I was not on the list, she advised that a lot of people rsvped and not everyone made the list. I was beyond disappointed, refinery 29 never again :(

I walked north to the instinct magazine party sponsored by belvedere. I arrived at almost eight and realized it was a gay event. The guys were super cute and so very nice. The drinks were tall and strong just like the guys. They were drag queens in attendance one which ironically looked like snooki. The open bar promptly ended at 9pm but don't be sad the proceeds would benefit AIDS Lifecycle. I stayed for a bit more and then headed towards the meatpacking district.

I arrived at the thrillist Tullmore dew event expecting the same watered down drinks and crowded conditions as the jd honey event. I arrived explained to the young lady that I had registered for the night before but was unable to show up. She smiled looked for my name and checked me off. The event space was huge, well decorated and branding was visible throughout. I arrived at the bar and asked for a Tullmore on the rocks. I was pleasantly surprised how smooth it was. The entire event staff was nice and polite. I even got the chance to meet the marketing director who was super nice. I gave him a few pointers on what he could do to improve the brand and he graciously listened. He invited me the next night as well. But after realizing I had work in the am and the rude awakening Roman gave me that morning I was unable to attend.

Tonight was a great event looking forward to many more great events.



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