Beju beju presents NYC bazaar girls night out

I arrived at the event location promptly at 6:00 pm. The tables were setup but the actual event was nowhere near starting. I really looked forward to this event and was beyond disappointed. There were no free drinks as promised. The ladies that were waiting with me all buzzed about the free drinks that were MIA and sadly no bar :(

By 6:37 the event was fully setup. I was greeted by a cheerful young woman who checked my name off and brought the giftbags. The goody bag was tiny and it consisted of random beauty samples and two pieces of sweet riot chocolate.

There were only 7 vendors at the event including my personal favorite Argo Tea and the always present Passion Parties. The goodies promised in the press release were store brought and there was dip but a scant selection of items to dip. There were indeed beauty treatments but it was limited to a hand treatment which Sabon does better.

Overall, the event was good but not something worth remembering. The ladies in attendance agreed that sheckys was much more fun. I am looking forward to the thrillist best bloody ever event tomorrow :) let's hope this week's events are better.



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