Three events that all ended with the fest

The weekend began with yours truly working das best Ocktoberfest for yelp. The line was almost around the block. I arrived at la venue the site of sheckys last March. I was delighted to see ladies dressed in traditional German attire. And unlike other events that I have been to the models were actually very nice. At the entrance were German snacks like pretzels and heart shaped cookies with funny sayings like "DTF" "I'm single" and "pimp daddy."

I loved the selection of beers, schnapps and liquers. I was bothered though that the models did not know much about the product. If you wanted product knowledge you had to stop by a branded vendor table. My unexpected favorite was Bronx brewery their amber ale was to die for :) My other favorite product was dirt a delicious seasoning made with no preservatives or salt added check them out here:

The souvenir cup was smaller than expected but the amount poured of product each time was awesome. The samples kept going well into the night. By the end people were best buds and feeling very groovy.

I attended actorfest a good old fashioned commercial disguised as a convention. Most of the tables were vendors acting school, law office, other actor websites and services, very few had freebies beside snapple. Who offered cans of the product poured out.

The next day I had the pleasure of attending CUNY food fest. The cooking was unique because it focused on organic ingredients and sustainable living. A day of cooking and prep classes. Each class prepared three dishes and at the end the students and teachers gathered for a communal feast. Everyone ate, drank, mingled and raffles were drawn. Those who did leave with a prize left with a vegan organic and sustainable restaurant guide. I must say this event made me proud to have come from a CUNY school. I definitely will attend next year. They are planning to throw one next year join their event via



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