Shop addicts presents pink hair for hope

I love events that benefit good causes. Pink hair for hope event held at the famous skyroom benefitted breast cancer, a cause that I am passionate about. As a child I played with my grandmas old fashioned breast prosthetic. She told me she had breast cancer before she met my grandfather. Their relationship was from traditional she was older and previously married. My grandfather loved her so much. She was strong, independent, fashion savvy, determined and free willed just like me. My grandmother taught me to be more than just looks. She taught me everything I know about being a lady. She has Alzheimer now and doesn't remember me and my grandfather had since passed. I dream of opening my own fashion pr agency. His name will live on through my agency.

The skyroom boasts panoramic views of the manhattan skyline. It was cold but after an hour of open bar we were all warm. I met a lot of cool people like celeb hairstylist Gregory Prucell. The event was nicely decorated pink throughout as well as she ro signage, a company offering pink hair extensions for ten dollars proceeds were to go to the cancer society. I met great people and networked.

Now for the flaws first no one should wait more than 10 mins outside in the cold after the time the event was supposed to start. Second, I did not see the promised beauty treatments, desserts, or appetizers. I must give them points for the location. Overall, the event was fun and of course I will attend shop addicts haute couture shopping event tickets can be purchased via eventbrite.



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