Pretty city with shape magazine at marquee

I loved how pretty city picked the marquee as their location. A nightclub known for letting the cool people in and keeping the nobodies out. I arrived at the location and unlike other events there were no lines and check in was easy. There was a photo op at the entrance.

I inquired about press passes and the organizer was sweet she gladly took my card. I was handed my giftbag along with a copy of shape and was pleasantly surprised that there were full sized products. There were several other free products. The arrojo salon gave away a full sized shampoo and conditioner. Bare grape wine was giving away goodie bags. And cosmedicine had a spinwheel with free full sized products, I won a free exfoliator. Free sweet treats were all throughout, free candy and cupcakes by cakejoy (yum). There were mini bites available too igniting my curiosity to take a few classes.

In general, the event was awesome. Shape also had a spin wheel theirs was unique because it was numbered so whatever number you got it matched the bins with prizes. The staff from shape was very nice. The only issue I had was the one glass of wine they offered. Unlike other shopping events where the drinks were plentiful a single glass cannot compare.

Friday I attempted to cover the comic con afterparty at the tenth rail. I watched as drives of people came in video game costumes, it was like watching a early halloween. The event was supposed to start at nine but by 9:25, they weren't even set up yet so I just left. Stay tuned for Monday's shopping event coverage.



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