Freaky Friday

Yesterday I covered three events. The first was at desigual 5th avenue. The usual free reusable desigual shopping bags were available. There was a hot topless guy instructing people to check out the store before he would give the bag. In the store the discounts were scarce. Desigual has unique duds but I'm not about to shell out $65.00 for a makeup bag. In abundance at every display was their current clothing catalog. The food promised on their fb event page was fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers and brownies. The drinks available were seltzer and cheap red wine. I drank two red glasses and headed to duo.

I walked into duo and was greeted by the usual "Hi do you have a reservation ?" I advised that I just wanted a free cocktail. Duo is a beautiful place complete with plush chairs, chandeliers and gorgeous bathrooms. The crowd is your usual beautiful gramercy park crowd combined with a few Brooklynites and queens folk. Today the crowd was different, an indicator that free drinks or swag were present. I was told by a patron that it had been more than half an hour ago since his last drink. And this was my obvious problem with duo, if you know you are having an event more than one bartender is in order. I waited a few minutes before deciding to leave to mangia.

I arrived at mangia and was told the bar was closed :( I looked for another event but nothing was going on. I headed to brick on Warren where I indulged in a margarita and the best Italian wedding soup I've ever had.

Sunday I'll be at Dylans Candy Bar stay tuned for my review. Until then keep it frugal.



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