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Curly Hair in the Times of Clueless

When I was a baby up until my toddler years my hair was straight. Then it became wavy poofy mess,  finally at fourteen years old it became curly. I would like to reflect on my hair and how I came to accept and love it.

My Childhood

Clueless came out when I was nine years old. I admired Alicia Silverstone’s shiny straight hair. I loved how she would run her fingers through it. I on the other hand had a head full of frizzy curls. I looked like Diana Ross. My mom’s perfect ringlets made me feel like my curls made no sense. I did not know what to put in my hair to make it nice. I wanted straight hair. I begged my mom to let me straighten it but she told me leave your virgin hair alone.

In junior high I wanted straight hair. At one point, I tried using lye relaxer which did nothing but damage my hair. It also accidentally touched my face leaving red burns. My mom was angry because she told me "Relaxer is not for your type of hair!" She was right and I was lucky my hair didn’t fall…
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Hooray for Organic

E.ra Organics  states on the site: Our natural skin care products are made with powerful ingredients (mostly organic, food-grade nutrients) providing extraordinary nourishing and moisturizing qualities for your skin. We not only offer a wide selection of natural and organic products, we also like to help educate you on getting stronger, healthier skin. Learn what chemicals to avoid and the best ways to take care of your skin with our skin care blog.

I was excited to try their products. Since, the embody everything I want in a skin care product: vegan, sulfate free, cruelty free, made in the USA and paraben free. These are just a few features that makes E.ra stand out. I picked the ones most important to me. A lot of people neglect to use all-natural skin care despite the fact that they eat organic and non-gmo. To me that's like doing yoga and then smoking a cigarette but hey to each their own! 

They sent the following products: Cleanse and Restore Moisturizing Face and Body Wash, Re…

Material Things Don't Define You!

I ran into an old friend from High School. Every chance he got he reminded me of where I grew up. I spoke and dressed different. Being a social butterfly for the past 7 years allows me to attend some pretty amazing events some with New York City Elite. I visit the Mayor's office every year for their Puerto Rican Heritage kickoff. I attend several trade shows and conferences often free because of the lists I am on. Yet, I never forget my humble beginnings. Nor do I deny them. I say Yonkers people assume I grew up on the North Side. I had to unfriend that person because they wanted to keep me down and I left Yonkers so I could rise up.

Yes it's Westchster but I am no way rich nor did I grow up with money. Nope I grew up working class with both my parents working by the time I was in middle school. They both cleaned for a living. I grew up in Southwest Yonkers near Downtown. A place now is unrecognizable to me. They now call it SoYo, they closed off the waterfront access to the pu…

Latinas Tech Too

What does Latina mean? I hated when people called me Latina. To me Latina meant those stereotypes that people assumed. Today, I embrace that title because Latinas are changing the tech game. I want to share my story. My name is Beltkiss Sanborn. I am currently a lead publicist, lifestyle blogger and social media influencer. I currently live and work in Jersey City with my husband and daughter. 

I am a Nicaraguan American. I am Nicaraguan by birth and American by my upbringing. My journey to becoming full "American" has been a difficult but rewarding one. I came to this country in 1989 with my mother to escape the Nicaraguan Civil War. I grew in Yonkers, NY located in Westchester. According to a New York Times article Westchester is ranks second for per capita in New York. It sounds really fancy. When I told people Yonkers is in Westchester. Most people remarked "Wow you must be rich." They ask about the raceway, the casinos and million dollar homes. I knew nothing o…

How to Fix Your Credit and Prepare for Financial Crisis

When I was in college I decided to open a credit card. I reasoned I could put my books on it and use it for "emergencies." The holiday season came and I decided to head to the pricey mall by my school. I bought a gift card for a friend, presents for my family and some language books for me. I started to charge everything and buy things I couldn't afford. I made only the minimum payments and lost my job. I stopped making payments all together. My card went into collections and then into the dreaded charge off status. I kept opening cards and one by one those were charged off too. If I could give my younger self  advice it would be "Don't buy that make those payments and pay those cards off." My bad credit followed me throughout my life. Nowadays, credit is required for everything including apartments and jobs. 

Monitor your credit report

Did you know that you are entitled to your annual credit report for free from the three major agencies? Get yours here. Chec…

Celtic Sea Salt Review

Since the company’s founding in 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® has grown into a national and worldwide brand that has been recommended for its unique health benefits by hundreds of physicians and nutritionists and for its unique taste by a great many leading chefs.

Today, Selina Delangre, other members of the Delangre family, and their dedicated employees support several salt-harvesting communities around the world. At each carefully chosen location, Selina Naturally® has developed the best practices to obtain the highest quality natural sea salts the planet can offer. Sensitive to the uniqueness of each location, the company supports sustainable salt-farming methods.

I was sent a package of their products to review. I received the following products:

1. Fossil River Salt Flakes With Balsamic Vinegar
2. Fossil River Gourmet River Salt Flakes Sczechuan
3. Fossil River Liquid Low Sodium Spray Salts - Plain
4. Pink Celtic Sea Salt
5. Samples of their Rosemary Salt, Herbs de Provence, and Light Grey C…

Fit Bit Ionic Time

I recently worked a freelance job for Fit Bit.The Brookstone location was two hours via public transportation but it was awesome to visit a new mall. I got to check out the Rainforest Cafe and bought some new lip gloss. The following week, I was informed that  Brookstone location decided to not participate. I was bummed because I really liked the staff there. My company found me an awesome Best Buy to work in. I was super busy at times. It was great putting my vast training to use. I also met my sales goal which was awesome!

Brookstones at Edison Mall 

Fit Bit Display Brookstone Edison Mall
When I first received it, I was afraid about set up. My husband is the one that handles setting up of anything electronic. I opened the box, downloaded the app and synced my new device. I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy set up was. In a matter of minutes I was receiving text and phone alerts. My first week using it I worked in Manhattan. It was surprised by how many steps I took during …