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Latinas Tech Too

What does Latina mean? I hated when people called me Latina. To me Latina meant those stereotypes that people assumed. Today, I embrace that title because Latinas are changing the tech game. I want to share my story. My name is Beltkiss Sanborn. I am currently a lead publicist, lifestyle blogger and social media influencer. I currently live and work in Jersey City with my husband and daughter. 

I am a Nicaraguan American. I am Nicaraguan by birth and American by my upbringing. My journey to becoming full "American" has been a difficult but rewarding one. I came to this country in 1989 with my mother to escape the Nicaraguan Civil War. I grew in Yonkers, NY located in Westchester. According to a New York Times article Westchester is ranks second for per capita in New York. It sounds really fancy. When I told people Yonkers is in Westchester. Most people remarked "Wow you must be rich." They ask about the raceway, the casinos and million dollar homes. I knew nothing o…

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