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Material Things Don't Define You!

I ran into an old friend from High School. Every chance he got he reminded me of where I grew up. I spoke and dressed different. Being a social butterfly for the past 7 years allows me to attend some pretty amazing events some with New York City Elite. I visit the Mayor's office every year for their Puerto Rican Heritage kickoff. I attend several trade shows and conferences often free because of the lists I am on. Yet, I never forget my humble beginnings. Nor do I deny them. I say Yonkers people assume I grew up on the North Side. I had to unfriend that person because they wanted to keep me down and I left Yonkers so I could rise up.

Yes it's Westchster but I am no way rich nor did I grow up with money. Nope I grew up working class with both my parents working by the time I was in middle school. They both cleaned for a living. I grew up in Southwest Yonkers near Downtown. A place now is unrecognizable to me. They now call it SoYo, they closed off the waterfront access to the pu…

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