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How to Fix Your Credit and Prepare for Financial Crisis

When I was in college I decided to open a credit card. I reasoned I could put my books on it and use it for "emergencies." The holiday season came and I decided to head to the pricey mall by my school. I bought a gift card for a friend, presents for my family and some language books for me. I started to charge everything and buy things I couldn't afford. I made only the minimum payments and lost my job. I stopped making payments all together. My card went into collections and then into the dreaded charge off status. I kept opening cards and one by one those were charged off too. If I could give my younger self  advice it would be "Don't buy that make those payments and pay those cards off." My bad credit followed me throughout my life. Nowadays, credit is required for everything including apartments and jobs. 

Monitor your credit report

Did you know that you are entitled to your annual credit report for free from the three major agencies? Get yours here. Chec…

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