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Curly Hair in the Times of Clueless

When I was a baby up until my toddler years my hair was straight. Then it became wavy poofy mess, finally at fourteen years old it became curly. I would like to reflect on my hair and how I came to accept and love it.

My Childhood

Clueless came out when I was nine years old. I admired Alicia Silverstone’s shiny straight hair. I loved how she would run her fingers through it. I on the other hand had a head full of frizzy curls. I looked like Diana Ross. My mom’s perfect ringlets made me feel like my curls made no sense. I did not know what to put in my hair to make it nice. I wanted straight hair. I begged my mom to let me straighten it but she told me leave your virgin hair alone.

In junior high I wanted straight hair. At one point, I tried using lye relaxer which did nothing but damage my hair. It also accidentally touched my face leaving red burns. My mom was angry because she told me "Relaxer is not for your type of hair!" She was right and I was lucky my hair didn’t fall…

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